Thursday, November 23, 2006

Add blogger Labels to Windows Live Writer

It seems that the "Insert Tags..." thing in Windows Live Writer is customizable enough that it is possible to add support for blogger labels by doing the following:

  • Insert tags ... -> Choose (Customize Providers...) in dropdown list
  • Add...
  • Set provider name appropriately so that you know it e.g. blogger
  • Set template to:
    <a href="{tag-encoded}"

  • Set tag separator to ", " (without the quotes)
  • Set htm caption to "<span class="post-labels">Labels: {tag-group}</span>" (without the quotes)

If you do that, and add tags using that provider, the tags should work exactly as when blogging via web-ui.

EDIT: it seems that the labels do not show up on the edit posts page in the web ui. I wonder if that matters?

EDIT2: it looks correct but does not work... (

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David Rader II said...

It includes the link within the post, but doesn't post the label on bloggers servers where labels are supposed to go, instead it posts the labels with the body where the body is supposd to go...

i'll be surprised if it every has that functionality... it'll be awesome if it does though! i'm just going to be adding labels manually, for now.

maverick said...

I know this is a pretty old post. but I'll just say it for the record. Live Writer now supports blogger labeling. underneath the post editing box there is a dropdown list called "Set Categories" this is the blogger labels, add it in this field. Regards.

Anonymous said...

Thanks maverick.. nice one there.. it does works...

WorldOf22 said...

Thanks Maverick..

linap said...

It works, thanks