Saturday, January 06, 2007

Anti-commercial for two products..

I have two products that I'm annoyed with from time to time.

1) Samsung CLP-500

It tells me that the waste toner tank is full (now and then) and that I need to replace it. However I can clearly see that it is nowhere near full. The problem seems to be with stupid design, there is an optical sensor right under one of the inlets that detects if it can see through the waste toner tank (made of clear plastic), to make matters worse, it seems that a tiny toner particle in the sensors way and the tank "is full". Samsungs FAQ entry for the error message is also somewhat funny.


"Waste Toner Tank Full/Not Install" is displayed.

First, replace the waste toner tank.  
If the same message is displayed continually after replaced.
- Check whether that replaced waste toner tank is the new.
- If it is the new, the printer may require repair. 

2) Logitech MX-1000

  • Cursor occasionally jumping all over the place
  • Buttons behave if they are pressed
  • Tilt wheel get stuck tilted

..need I say more?

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