Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Generating GUIDs

This may seem trivial but here we go:

I recently created an installer with WIX and obviously had to create a number of GUIDs along the way. While there is a "Create GUID" option in the Tools menu it has a number of drawbacks:

  • Clicking around a UI with a mouse is not the most efficient thing in the world
  • There is not an immediately suitable format available, registry format is closest, but braces need to be removed and the rest uppercased

The obvious? solution to this problem is to create a macro like the following:

Public Sub CreateWixGuid()
Dim g As Guid = Guid.NewGuid()
Dim textSelection As EnvDTE.TextSelection

textSelection = CType(DTE.ActiveDocument.Selection(), EnvDTE.TextSelection)
textSelection.Text = g.ToString("D").ToUpper()
End Sub

and assign a keyboard shortcut to it (I chose Ctrl+G,Ctrl+G), and voilà a GUID in the correct format is generated and inserted.



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the macro. Nice one.