Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Windows Live Movie Maker - FAIL

As I wanted to edit some movies, and Windows 7 no longer includes Windows Movie Maker I had to give Windows Live Movie Maker a try, as based on the name you’d assume it does something similar?

Turns out I was wrong. This application seems to be geared towards dropping a number of photos and creating a “movie” and not actually editing movies.

While you can import video from a DV camera, it does not split the imported video into scenes, instead it chops it into pieces, the size of which you can determine by dragging a slider !?! And to make matters worse, it does not bother to extract thumbnails from the individual pieces but instead uses what seems to be the first frame of the entire movie. Good luck finding the pieces you need.

Of course, the timeline also seemed unnecessary to include …

Time to look for a Video editor, Windows Live Movie Maker is not one.


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Jonny Stanciu said...

I know! I had the same mindset before downloading the new Live Move Maker. I am now on Windows 7 with a useless movie maker. THey really did simplify it. To the point where you only drag videos and pictures and make a movie, without caring about the editing quality of the movie..